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Information Technology & Software

Ogden is home to an emerging information technology (IT) and software cluster. There are a number of IT/software businesses in Ogden and many businesses in other sectors have important IT/software components. Associated with this growing cluster are a number of innovation assets. Ogden also has a young, well-educated workforce with strengths in IT/software-related fields. 

Industry Cluster

Ogden is home to an emerging industry cluster in IT/software. In Ogden, IT/software-related companies include DAKCS Software Systems and WebNX Data Centers, while many software engineers and developers are employed by companies such as Northrop Grumman, Purch, and Marketstar.

Innovation Assets

In addition to industry partners, Ogden offers key assets that support innovation in IT/software. Ogden City, in partnership with Weber State University (WSU), the Economic Development Administration (EDA), and local industry members, recently developed Startup Ogden. Startup Ogden is a collaborative co-working space and an accelerator for app and software-driven companies.

Startup Ogden hosts a scholarship program to help start-ups develop mobile apps and bring them to market, as well as numerous other software events and training opportunities. For example, Startup Ogden hosts Startup Weekend, a competition for entrepreneurial software developers and designers. Startup Ogden is a critical asset for developing a well-qualified IT/software workforce, supporting innovation, and creating the opportunity for established businesses to partner with and/or absorb start-ups.


The Ogden area has an abundance of individuals working in the IT/software industry. In the Ogden-Clearfield MSA, there are approximately 4,440 individuals employed in computer and mathematical occupations. The number of computer science students graduating from Northern Utah universities (534) increased 49% between 2009 and 2014.

Weber State University (WSU) awards more undergraduate degrees in computer science (116) than any other school in Utah. The Ogden-Weber Tech College (OWATC) also offers training in IT, business technology, and software and web development. In 2011-2012, OWATC had more than 65 students complete programs in computer and information sciences and support services.

Students from WSU and OWATC provide an ample pool of graduates entering the IT/software workforce each year, and programs at both schools continue to grow.