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Aerospace & Advanced Materials

Ogden is located in the heart of Northern Utah’s existing aerospace and composites cluster, creating a tremendous opportunity in the areas of industry partnerships, business relationships, supply chain, and workforce. Ogden is also home to a young, well-educated workforce with strengths in manufacturing, advanced materials, and aerospace. Finally, Ogden has several business/industrial parks well suited to aerospace companies, including one with airport access.

Industry Cluster

Ogden is home to a strong industry cluster in aerospace and advanced materials. The cluster includes major aerospace companies, primary manufacturers of advanced materials, and outdoor recreation companies who use advanced materials. Ogden is conveniently located between ATK and Hill Air Force Base, two of the largest aerospace employers in Utah. The broader Northern Utah region has a strong existing base of aerospace and composites companies, with over 30 companies and an estimated 16,500 employees.

Aerospace/Advanced Materials Employers in Ogden, Utah
Aerospace Engineering & Support Parker Hannifin
Aerovision International (XeVision) Petersen
Autoliv TCB Composite
Barnes Aerospace TCR Composites
Boeing Technology Transition Services
DPS Skis Total Quality Systems
ENVE Composites Wasatch Advanced Materials Development
Goode Ski Technologies Williams International
Northrop Grumman  

In addition to industry partners, Ogden offers key assets that support innovation in advanced composites.

  • Weber State University (WSU) is home to the Utah Center for Applied Innovation & Design (UCAID), which creates research partnerships between industry and the university. For example, UCAID partnered with ATK to develop and test carbon fiber springs used for the exit doors on the Boeing 767, which save an average of 110 pounds of weight per door.
  • The Ogden-Weber Tech College (OWATC) has a strong composites program and recently opened a laboratory for non-destructive inspection (NDI).
  • There is a proposal to establish a Solutions Center in advanced materials at Business Depot Ogden (BDO). The Solutions Center will encourage collaboration between industry and training and research institutions. It will house training, research, lab, and incubator space, with a focus on NDI. The lab will be available for companies to use on a fee-for-use basis.


The area has an abundance of individuals working in the aerospace and composites industry. Aerospace jobs account for 13.4% of all manufacturing jobs in the Ogden-Clearfield MSA.

Local educational institutions provide important training for the advanced composites labor force. Approximately 350 students in engineering and manufacturing programs graduate each year from local colleges (WSU, OWATC, and the Davis Applied Technology College [DATC]). WSU’s College of Applied of Science and Technology often partners with local industry. Many of the projects are completed by manufacturing, mechanical, and electrical engineering technology students. OWATC and DATC provide hands-on, technical training in key areas that support advanced manufacturing, such as composites, NDI, automation, and machining. As mentioned above, OWATC now offers an NDI training program, and DATC plans to offer additional robotics training.

Area educational institutions have recognized the importance of “super-techs,” or individuals that bridge the gap between technicians and engineers. They are developing programs to expand the availability of super-techs in the area’s labor force. 

Aerospace Sites

There are two business/industrial park sites in Ogden that are ideal locations for aerospace and advanced materials companies.

The first is the Kemp Center, located at the Ogden-Hinckley Airport. The Kemp Center is a 1.3 million square-foot park dedicated to aerospace and aviation users. There is both existing and build-to-suit space available for the development of runway-adjacent office and manufacturing space. There are also other locations at the Ogden-Hinckley Airport where space can be purchased or leased by aerospace-related companies.

The second location is Business Depot Ogden (BDO), a 1,000+ acre master-planned business park with over 6 million square feet of existing space and more than 400 acres available for new development. Over $140 million in new construction has occurred at BDO in recent years. BDO is home to many of Ogden’s aerospace and advanced materials companies, as well as an OWATC lab and training facility. To learn more about these sites, please visit the Featured Development Sites page.