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Special Events

The Office of Special Events operates within the Ogden City Community & Economic Development Department and is responsible for permitting all special events and film productions within the City. We provide year-round events to cultivate civic pride, social awareness and cultural enrichment for residents and visitors by organizing, sponsoring, coordinating, and permitting special event activities such as festivals, runs/walks, outdoor markets, car shows, and holiday celebrations. By doing this, we help build a foundation that fosters sustainable community development, economic development and tourism. In addition, the Office of Special Events is responsible for all street closures pertaining to block parties, parades, filming and other events taking place in parks or on public property. We are also responsible for managing the Ogden Amphitheater and the Street Banner Program.

Special Events Contacts:
(801) 629-8547
Christy McBride
Ashley Bockwoldt