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  • Thursday, December 10, 2015
    Transformation Underway at the Ogden Business Exchange
    Ogden City, together with the Redevelopment Agency and local and federal partners, is working to achieve the vision of the Ogden Business Exchange, a 51-acre master planned business park located at the historic Ogden Union Stockyards. 

    Historically, the site was home to the Ogden Union Stockyards, one of the largest stockyards in the West. The stockyards operated at the site from 1917 until 1970. The sprawling stockyards served both the meat packing industry and railroad companies that were transporting livestock to other destinations. In 1945, almost 1.8 million head of sheep, 300,000 head of cattle, and 350,000 hogs passed through the Ogden stockyards.

    After the stockyards closed in 1970, the site began to decline. By the 1990s, the property had been largely abandoned for livestock use. The site was primarily vacant or used for storage until development of the Ogden Business Exchange began.

    The Ogden Business Exchange is a project of the Ogden City Redevelopment Agency and will transform a formerly blighted area into a state-of-the-art business park. The master-planned business park covers 51 acres and offers 1- to 5-acre sites for purchase along with flex space available to lease. However, the Ogden Business Exchange is more than just a collection of buildings and roads.

    The design of the Ogden Business Exchange creates a connection to the active outdoor recreation lifestyle that abounds in Ogden City and to the storied past of the area. Its proximity to the Weber River and internal walking/bike paths connect to the vast trail system that weaves in and out of the City. The unique design and layout of the master plan embodies the history of the site through open space development and preservation of important historic elements. The Exchange Building, an iconic 1931 building designed by Leslie Hodgson, will also be restored as part of the project. 

    Serving new industry with state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure while preserving and highlighting the past, the Ogden Business Exchange truly sits at the intersection of Ogden's history and its future.

    For more information about locating at the Ogden Business Exchange, please contact us at 801-629-8910.