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  • Friday, April 10, 2015
    Osprey Packs' Ogden Distribution Center
    In a day when air travel has long been viewed as the fastest way to transport people and goods from place to place, the idea of relying on the rail lines may seem, to some, like an antiquated notion. Here in Ogden, the historic “Junction City” of the transcontinental railroad, we know better. We know that the rail system is alive, vibrant, and vital to industries needing to ship their goods around the country.

    And we’re pleased when others notice it, too.

    Later this year, Osprey Packs, Inc., experts in creating high-performance, innovative gear packs for adventurers of every type, will occupy and begin shipping from their new U.S. distribution center, located in the Business Depot Ogden (BDO).

    What attracted Osprey to Ogden?

    The trains, naturally! Our great city is ideally situated along the national rail network and remains a hub for the country’s east-west train traffic. In fact, Osprey representatives said this location will prove beneficial to the company’s shipping goals as they seek to be more efficient in distributing products to their retailer base while creating a smaller environmental impact.

    Of course, it wasn’t the trains alone that brought this industry-leader to our city. It was you – the businesses, families, and individuals that make up this outstanding community! In fact, company representatives were “extremely impressed with the Ogden community” and particularly the BDO park.

    With a wide array of recreation opportunities spread throughout Ogden, we believe Osprey’s spirit of adventure is a perfect addition to our city. For 40 years, the company has been setting the standard in creating high-quality packs and bags for outdoor recreation, biking, everyday use, and travel adventures.

    The Ogden Business Development team is proud to work with Osprey and so many other remarkable businesses.

    And we’re always looking for additional opportunities to serve. Whether you just want to know more about transportation in Ogden or you’re wondering about business growth and relocation opportunities in the city, we invite you to visit us anytime.