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  • Friday, January 15, 2016
    Community & Economic Development Annual Report
    The Ogden City Community & Economic Development Department is pleased to present its Annual Report for FY2015. Please click here to download the full report

    As we look back over the accomplishments of the last year, we are proud that existing Ogden businesses continue to grow and that new businesses have chosen to locate here. We are also excited to see many long-term redevelopment projects come to fruition. Finally, we have launched several new initiatives that will continue to make Ogden a community of choice.

    Business Recruitment & Retention
    Companies such as ENVE Composites, Borsight Engineering, Autoliv, Gura Gear, and Wayfair have undertaken significant expansions in Ogden. New companies have also been recruited to Ogden, particularly in our outdoor recreation cluster. This cluster has grown with the addition of Osprey Packs, Mercury Wheels, Rotor Bike Components, and Mavic. Retail recruitment efforts focused on the 12th Street Corridor (Chick-Fil-A, Freddy’s Steakburgers, and Popeye’s) and Downtown Ogden (Blue Lemon, Smokey’s BBQ, and Tokyo Station).

    Major redevelopment projects have seen significant progress. The Ogden Business Exchange, a new lifestyle-oriented business park in West Ogden, is well underway and new tenants have started con-struction. Work at Riverbend continues with ongoing development of the Meadows townhomes and new apartments at the View on 20th. The Oak Den Bungalows project is adding 23 new market-rate homes to the East Central neighborhood, along with ongoing efforts to rehabilitate historic homes. There are approximately 1,200 new housing units approved or under construction here in Ogden.

    Key initiatives were launched in 2014-2015. The Quality Neighborhoods Plan is a comprehensive plan to address the economic distress and blight in East Central. This plan will increase the magnitude and velocity of ongoing revitalization efforts in this area. Another major focus has been on the development of a well-qualified STEM workforce in our area. This will continue to attract high-quality jobs in advanced industries to Ogden and ensure that our residents are prepared to access those jobs. Our department also developed a “Life in Ogden” campaign that encourages employees of area compa-nies to live in Ogden as well as working here. These initiatives will remain a major focus for the coming year.